About Joyce

Joyce was born and raised in Winnipeg. From an early age of four she displayed a passion, a gift for painting and drawing. Joyce developed her own style by first copying her favorite Dutch Masters. Oil painting is her medium and Joyce’s talent in her ability to paint anything from portraits, landscapes, animals, still life and people at work or play.

Joyce’s work has shown at Fleet Gallery, Elmwood Gallery and many others, currently in the Winnipeg Art Gallery and was featured in the Nov/Dec 2006 Tableau. Her paintings are owned by people in USA, Canada and the Netherlands and as far away as Australia. Most notably are a series of paintings depicting life in the 1800’s of Lower Fort Garry [Manitoba] focusing on settlers of the time performing daily activities.

In 1983 Joyce wanted to try some clay sculpturing, she won a few awards in this field, which won a Merit award of a Clydesdale horse and foal. When she has time she also likes creating fishermen in boats and figures of the Lower Fort Garry at work.

In the early years Joyce painted at home while raising her family. In 1973 Joyce was asked to be an art instructor at Tec Voc high school continuing education program and held that position until closing of classes in 1994. During summers from 1991 through to 1997 she was art instructor for classes at the International Music and Art Camp at the Peace Gardens.

With the cessation of the continuing art classes by Tec Voc students demanded the instruction continues. In 1995 Joyce set up a studio in her home where she teaches several groups of committed artists. She also teaches at the Grenfell Art Group with a devoted number of artists. Joyce’s true talent is in her ability to develop & mentor the new and bashful artist. Joyce’s humble attitude and gentle way of instruction always brings a crowd of students around the canvas to learn her techniques.